Attractions at Dreamland Aquapark

The Dreamland Aqua Park is one of UAE’s largest theme parks and is a furious ride of exhilaration and zing. The theme park has been designed to cater to all ages, sizes, and shapes but for people who want to get lost in this thrilling episode. The Dreamland Aquapark will put your emotion on fire with 25 rides, including the Twisting Dragons, Dead Sea, and Black Hole, among many others. The Dreamland Aquapark is spread across a sprawling area of 250,000 square meters. Its finely shaped and trimmed gardens are a revelation for nature lovers. The mini-zoo is a fine place to get clicked with creatures and show them back home. The Jacuzzi is unmissable as it will be a treat after your fun but the tiring experience here.

Dreamland Aquapark

If you love living your life at jet speed and fast thrills, then Kamikaze is one of the Dreamland Aquapark rides you must take. Imagine the thrill of gliding down full-throttle down the steep slides ending in a gigantic water pool! The slides are not the highest relative to the world-set benchmarks, but they do qualify for the stimulation and shot of adrenaline you were longing for.

Twister Slide Dreamland Aqua Park

Twister is yet another experience that will charge you for a long time. It is a 40-meter long tunnel that takes you through at a sky-rocketing speed. You then slide in the tube, waiting to explore the unknown territory it will drop you into. At the end of the tunnel slide, there is a water park, but to reach there, the twister takes you through a twisty path and lets you swoop into the pool 2 meters above the ground.

Black Hole Dreamland Aqua Park

If you anticipate something wild and different from the other Dreamland Aquapark rides, Blackhole is a befitting description of heightened enthusiasm and delight. Slip into the Black Hole and encounter a dark place till the ride ends. The ride is powered by gravitational pull, dragging you down in no time and finally dropping you into water.

Twisiting Dragons Dreamland Aqua Park
Twisting Dragons

Find the light at the end of the dragon’s mouth in this rib-ticking expedition. You will enter from one zone but come out of which dragon’s mouth is suspense. The tortuous dark maze takes you swinging speedily in an interconnected manner. The siding tubes are interconnected with others and will make you wonder which dragon’s feast was you!

Family Raft Ride Dreamland Aqua Park
Family Raft Ride

This is a ride to enjoy in a group. A massive raft sets you blazing down at breakneck speed when you finally splash into a pool of water. Five people can accommodate the raft at one go, with the raft taking you from here to there speedily down to the water.

Mighty Goround Dreamland Aquapark
Mighty GoRound

You’ve heard of the merry-go-round, but the mighty go-round is an elevation to that fun. It has nothing to do with it, but it still is a tale of twists in a roundabout manner. This is one of the Dreamland Aquapark rides that encompasses two giant body slides and takes you in circles and whirls. It's like a storm of a rush as you slide down these watery lanes wondering which way now it will twist. If you are scared, you just need to remember why you came here; to experience the thrill of the first order. The circular motions are fun to explore and will rouse your mischievous side and take you on a thrill ride you have never experienced.

Rafting River Dreamland Aqua Park.png
Rafting River

When you set your eyes on this slide, you will reminisce about your crazy days when you dived into a raging river to get a kick. The river is an energy-boosting ride at Dreamland Aquapark that has a river flowing full throttle in the middle of two gigantic slides confirmed to drive you into a frenzy. All thrill seekers need to head in this direction because you will surely be glided in twists, turns, curves, and slopes. All you need to do is sit tight in the tube and embark on this journey of freedom, excitement, and sheer zest. Kids can also enjoy this, but there is a safer option for them that can be enjoyed equally.

Slide Five Dreamland Aqua Park
Slide Five

This is a great ride that ranks high on bonding because Slide Five is one of the Dreamland Aquapark rides you can take with your friends and families. Slide-Five, as the name sounds, is divided into five different lanes. Visitors will slide down through the slimy and wet ride on a tube. The ride is a curvacious twisty one that will be an awesome experience for family and friends. And if you think it is risky, then no ride here at Dreamland Aquapark is risky, and this is also a safer ride to venture upon.The ride is not just a triumphant experience but also a safe one to venture on as all the rides at Dreamland Aquapark are well-guarded and secure.

Lake o Waves Dreamland Aquapark

This cool, relaxing lake of waves is an oasis of calm and serenity. Post your encounter with the thrilling rides, and you can stream in this lake to relax on a tube and be swayed by the subtle undercurrent of waves. All you do is sit and let the water do its work.

Dream Stream

Yet another relaxing ride in which visitors can flow on their tube with the help of slow water currents. If you are in for a pleasantly thrilling experience, then Dream stream is a dream come true. All the happy troupers who love dreaming can sing along to this fun ride and relax because this is not energy-consuming and will be a great last ride before you bid goodbye to the park. You merely float in a slow rhythm of motions as the stream takes you to your destination without worrying about twists and turns.


When in such an expansive space of entertainment and enjoyment, it is a prerequisite to have a kid's arena. Fulfilling the needs of junior adventure seekers is the Aqua play, an interactive pool that comprises 19 different game options for the little wonders. Kids would love to dunk in cool water and relish every moment. The rotating water bucket is a fun way to drench, irrespective of the kids' age. The inflated obstacle course at the pool will engage the bigger kids in challenging their peers.

Dead Sea

No, this is not a mistake. This is the dead sea of the dreamland! Something that is out of the box and what every visitor should see, the Dead sea is a new concept for a water park. Similar to the original one, the dead sea at the waterpark has a high salt concentration, due to which people can float at ease without needing any gear or equipment. The floating motion is calm and relaxed and lets you feel your inner peace after the thrilling Dreamland Aquapark rides hullabaloo. Kids can have a ball of time provided they are under adult supervision. Embark on this unique experience unmissable.


We all love to experience a jacuzzi, especially after a week of work. But you can hop into one of the biggest open Jacuzzi in the region here at Dreamland. The ride is a treasure zone that helps you unwind and chill out. A huge umbrella covers the zone with seating options. Kids can also remain comfortable as the water level is not so high but under adult supervision.

Slam Dunk

Time to show your skills and win a slam dunk against your opponents. If you are a sports enthusiast and love to play basketball, then enter the Slam Dunk water zone is the place to be! Compete with your opponents, hi-fi your team when you win, and all this when you are in knee-deep water! You can swim underwater, fool your opponent or play aggressive, and we leave it to you.

Pool Game

Located at a good distance from all the popular rides out there in the park. Pool Game is an ideal spot to catch up on some drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You will love the tropical surroundings and the music beating near you.

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What is so special about Dreamland Aquapark?

    The Dreamland Aquapark rides are special because they are safe and thrilling at the same time. With more than 30 roaring rides, a mini-zoo, a special amping zone, and courts to play sports, the place is a full--zone of entertainment. Overnight camping also is available.

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